Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second Pre Season Task - COMPLETED

My Excuses and Their Solutions

Internal Excuses
I am too tired.
I am not motivated.
Work drained me today I just want to sleep.

Just get on with it, stop thinking about it and just DO IT. Each session will get me one step closer to my goals.

So what if work drained my life today? The gym will help me release my tensions. Boxing classes are on Monday evenings (which is my most stressful day at work) so I can take it out on the punching bags!

External Excuses Within My Control
I am too busy
I can't afford it.

Swap a rest day with an evening with friends. Not everything goes to schedule. Yes I have set days I like to be at the gym, and I used the rest days to see friends. As long as I work out 4-5 times a week that is FINE. Don't stress about having to swap a session around.

I can afford this. Shop at markets. Attend more gym classes to get value for money. I have enough equipment at home to get me by as well as the DVD's. Yes money is tight but I just have to spend it wisely.

Luckily I don't use these excuses often!

External Excuses Outside My Control
Touch wood there is an emergency

Deal with the crisis first. And as soon as I can get to the gym – I will. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this for a long time. But if I do – just deal with the crisis first and if I am stressed – try some Yoga or go for a walk to help. No matter what I will get back on top!

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