Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long time no post

Wow I have been flat out lately!! I have been following the program and I have been exercising like a mad woman.. I lost 5 kg but now I am sitting on that and it's getting really frustrating!! I have stepped it up but I guess I need to step it up more.

I have been ice skating HEAPS lately.. It's so good for my legs and I have so much fun so if anyone is in Melbourne join me at the Icehouse!! I am in love with that place :)

I've been struggling with affording all the yummy foods on Michellle's plans so I basically pick my favorite things and make doubles of everything and eat a lot of the same stuff just to save some money! As long as it's 1200 cal a day thats fine!

Getting a new job in a few weeks so hoping I can afford more. I have printed out every single week of the program so once it's finished I will continue to follow her plans throughout the rest of the year!! It will help me reach my goals!

On a happier note, all of my clothes are too big for me. I put on my winter coat and it's too big and it used to be tight on me!! I LOVE THIS! AND to top it all off, my body officially rejects bad food now.. I had a few lollies at work the other day and it made me sick to my stomach! I was so happy! Weird huh?

Hope everyone is going hard and losing lots of weight!!!

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