Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 1 - Completed

I have to say Week 1 was a MASSIVE success for me. I had already lost 2kg by wednesday. I have enjoyed all the food and I didn't slip up at all. I haven't felt hungry and I had really pushed myself.

Monday - I did Michelle's Gym Program.
Tuesday - Zumba - alone
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - THE THOUSAND STEPS. Yep. Killed me. But I did it!
Friday - Michelle's gym program
Saturday - Went to the Icehouse and participated in "Pond Hockey" which was skating, puck handling, practicing shots on goal etc. I hadn't picked up a hockey stick since I was 15 but wow.. Still got it.. then I skated for another few hours on the other rink.
Sunday I rested. I needed it.

I should have put in some more strength training. The days Michelle wants me to do it differ to what is available in my gym so I will try to work around it all. And with the food - I have made 2 servings of a lot of things and just ate the same things during the week because I am pretty busy and there are some things I don't like such as fish.

I did weigh myself over the weekend and had lost nearly 5kg already!!! I am so happy with myself. People are noticing these differences I have made and I am using the compliments to fuel my workouts.

I am hoping to be at the size I want by the end of the year.. Hopefully in time for the Melbourne Cup.. I can put on a nice dress and go nuts! I've always wanted to do that.

Hope everyone else had a great Week 1. I love Michelle for doing this!!!! :)

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