Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First rude encounter at the gym...

I have been going to my gym for about 8 months and so far everyone just keeps to themselves and have been friendly.

Today my friend and I were waiting for one class to finish so we could start Zumba and everyone was just waiting at the door so my friend and I were looking at the timetables to see what classes we could do next week.

There were these 2 ladies next to us, one was a bit older maybe in her 40s and the other one was in her 20s and for some UNKNOWN reason they decided to mock us.

I really couldn't be bothered with their negativity so I just said to my friend 'screw this. I am just walking away from this right now before I say something I regret.' and apparently one of them said to the other 'oh wow isn't she emotional'

Excuse me for wanting to make a better life for myself. I have already lost 20kg. How dare these 2 women mock me for simply standing there and reading a timetable, and discussing it with my friend. I already struggle with my body image enough without having people like that bring me down for no reason and they don't even know me

I just thought it was so rude and unnecessary. 

At least I kicked arse in Zumba and worked it harder than they did.



  1. Remember those 2 bitches and when the 12 weeks are over and you look absolutely gorgeous, go back and parade in front of them, while they will probably stil look the same, you will look and feel a million dollars, get them jealous and they will soon STFU good on you for walking away, you were not emotional, you were smart. i would have told them to FOFF and i would have lost my gym! keep it up u gonna kill it!

  2. Awww thank you so much!!!!! It's good to use as motivation!!! I just thought it was so rude!!

    I've had a few friends act bitchy towards me since I started exercising and eating right.. it almost feels like certain people don't want me to be happy!

    But I won't let any of this get me down!! Thank you so much for your comment!! xx

  3. They are pretty sad individuals aren't they. But karma is a bitch. My son was punched by someone once and I was all for chasing this $#@* down and giving him a talking to and my baby said "don't worry about it Mum, he will be cleaning my toilet one day!". Too true. And those people will be looking at you one day and will envy your smokin' hot bod!!!

  4. Aww thanks Tracey!! I like the way your son thinks!!!

    I saw one of the girls in my body combat class tonight.. she kept to herself which was good.