Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ok it's the night before Week 1 begins. I have never been so excited!!!! I've had a look at my meal plans and have organized everything for the week.

I know what gym classes I will attend and I will follow the tasks that Mish has set for me.

I have measured myself and found that I have lost a bit!!! (8cm on my waist!!!)

I have done the BIGGEST grocery shop of my life! I was a bit disappointed with the amount of money I spent but I am hoping that next week it won't be as bad! I struggle with money as it is and I know it's a small price to pay for my health but jesusssss !! So expensive!

Yet unhealthy food is cheap... no wonder so many people are struggling with their weight!

Anyways - looking forward to the next 12 weeks. I think what Mish is doing is amazing!!!

Good luck everyone!!! Let's do this!!

I want to lose 20kg in this 12 weeks!!! :)

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  1. yes this is it, did you take your "before" pic? look at it and say goodbye to that body because the transformation begins now!!! lets kick arse and in 12 weeks take an "after" pic we shall be proud of! GOOD LUCK!!!!