Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watching The Biggest Loser..

It started this week.. and I am just now watching it for the first time. Bawling my eyes out for these people who are literally eating themselves to death. Watching the trainers live with the families and eat what they eat also has made me realize how far I've come.

I used to eat like this. I used to sit there munching on chips and lollies every single day, eating Maccas several times a week etc. and just NOT caring about what goes into my mouth.

These days I am much more strict on myself. I can no longer process sweets and lollies anymore.. I still have a weak spot for salty foods but I limit myself and only allow myself to eat the bad food once and a while.. but I've found that over time I just feel like eating that bad food less and less each week.

Good luck to all the families on the Biggest Loser! Good on them for wanting to change their lives.


  1. Ditto. It has taken me a LOOOOONG time to understand food and it's effects on my body. I am 52 and a yo yo dieter, former smoker, non exerciser but now as Oprah says I had a light bulb moment and suddenly it all makes sense!! I am a slow learner. I think all the Biggest Loser contestants are younger than me so they all have a huge shot at changing their lives. Hope they all hang in there and succeed.

  2. You still have a huge shot at changing your life as well!!! Just stay determined and motivated!